Venice is disappearing

Venice urbex

Venice, Italy. A city that is being threatened by water, seriously. As a result of climate change, sea-water levels are rising and rainfall is way more intense than ever before. The chances of the city being flooded are increasing. A romantic city to many, but a vulnerable place to others. Scientific data shows that in the next 20 years the city and surrounding land could sink by about 80 mm (3.2 inches). Add increasing changes of flooding (it now happens four or five times a year) and you have a serious problem. By the way, I forgot to mention that recently geophysicians found out that the Venice area is tilting a bit, about a millimeter or two eastward per year, something never noticed before. I took my camera to capture the deteriorating state of some parts of the city and its buildings. Will Venice become one big abandoned place 100 years from now?